3rd place in Beijing

Last week we went again to china for the 2nd Beijing International Aviation Sports Invitational and tried to defend our first place from last year.
This year we did all runs from the helicopter and not from the mountain.

In the first run we flew on the first place with nearly 10 points in front of the 2nd placed team. But in the second run we made a few mistakes and didn't really recognize that the winddrift was that strong, so we had to stop our display and go for position again. Because of that we lost a lot of points in this run and landet on the 3rd place.

Because of the smog in the next days, it was not possible to make the 3rd and 4th run.

1. Sebastian Kahn - Simon Winkler
2. Lino Oehl - Tim Alongi
3. Thomas Laireiter - Philipp Reisinger 

All in all we had a lot of fun in Beijing. We want to thank Markus and Fabrice for the good organisation and hope to see you guys all again next year ;)

 Foto: Ledniczky Thomas


Video: Schüssler Markus (www.airspace.at)


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