Paranoia Acrobatixx 2012

On Wednesday the 1st of August I decided spontaneously to go to Zell am See to compete in the worldcup again. So I just quit with work and drived to werfenweng for a 3,5 hours afternoon training session at the Bischling. After a lot of really nice training runs in the bumpy air of the Bischling i felt good for comp and headed to Zell am See.
There I heard of the new APWC Revolutionary System and i was really excited because of this. 

On Thursday the 2nd of August the weatherforecast for Zell said that we will have flyable conditions until the early afternoon. We finished a really nice 1st Task with a really nice new system where the pilots can decide during the run wich maneuver they will perform and they were allowed connect everything  - a new freestyle way of competition - I really liked it! 
I didn't make it to the raft because of a huge touch on the water after a groundspiral. I finnished with the 14th place at the first task. I got a bad cold after this because i didn't change my trousers after they got wet.

The 2nd day of the competition started with rain. Nothing new for Zell am See. But at 11 o'clock it startet to light up again and we did the 2nd Task. It was a real challange for me because i were in really bad conditions because of my cold.
Nonetheless i did a really nice run and finnished with the 9th Place. I did no groundspiral because i didn't want to get sicker if i missed the raft again.

2nd Run:

The Last day of Competition there was a cut and only the best 28 Pilots had to fly the 3rd Task. I made some mistakes in heli2sat but all in all it was a nice run again.

3rd Run:

The final run was cancelled because of a big thunderstorm in the afternoon (big surprise for Zell am See) and so i finnished with 14th overall in this first World Cup competition this year and I am really satisfied with it :D

1st - Felix Rodriguez
2nd - Francois Ragolski
3rd - Eliot Nochez 

final results on:

Big thanks to my sponsors:
BiotechAustriafy, Skyline

All in all it was a really nice competition and I enjoyed it a lot. It was really fun to see all the pilots again!

Cu again maybe at the french championship or at least next year!
Thomas Laireiter 

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