Stubai Cup 2012

A few synchro shoots from the Stubai - Cup 2012

It was a very nice weekend with the Skyline crew having fun and meet some friends again :)  


Rodeo Bitch Switch

New acro paragliding synchro maneuver invented by team Asynchron:
The "Bitch Switch".

In rodeo stuff we call the guy in the middle the bitch. We switch the bitch, thats why we call the maneuver "Bitch Switch" ;P

It's a new possibility to do smoother rodeo connects and switching the place without leading out!


too (s)low

Speedriding with the Skyline BAT 11 at the Bischling in Werfenweng


Bad Snake

After a lot of messed up rythmic sats, I throwed my principles overboard and wanted to go for infinit by tumble.
My goal was to make the entry and go straight for three or four tumbles with one or two corrections and then exit. I did this a few times without any troubles but the last try on this day went really wrong.

The first correction was too much and then i got a little confused.
The main mistake was the outer brake after correcting. I don't know why i did this brakeinput, i saw it first on the video.

It was my first reserve throwing after 4,5 years of acro flying.

... Stay safe!


Moments of 4 Seasons

Impressive moments of flying in 4 seasons.
Some acro and synchro stuff flown by Philipp Reisinger and Thomas Laireiter on their Wings of Change Acrominator Pro 97.


Stubaicup 2011

Video from the Stubaicup 2011


Wings of Change

Impressions from our flying season 2010 in Werfenweng, St.Johann im Pongau and Stubaital.
Wings of Change Paragliders:
Acrominator Pro (pink) - (Laisch,Phil)
Deathblade (black/yellow) - (Markus)
Psychohammer 9.01 (grey/black) - (Markus)
Tuareg EN/LTF B/B - (Markus)
Druid Tandem (orange) - (Laisch)


Castelluccio 2010

A few impressions from Laisch's paragliding trip with his workmates to castelluccio (Italy). A lot of soaring, proximity flying and groundhandling ...


Out of Control

Some synchro and solo stuff with our new Wings of Change - glider Acrominator Pro 97% over Werfenweng ...


Just a normal Saturday

Like every weekend, up and down and just having fun ...



Our first video since the beginning of Asynchron ...


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